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Originally Posted by Precious1 View Post
I do NOT want him to give up the relationship with his wife, if that's what you're thinking.. he loves her and I respect their relationship. There is no jealousy towards her.
But I find myself wondering, would it do me good to change my thought pattern from where I am now.. in an awesome relationship where all my needs are met other than time, headed towards our commitment ceremony... to perhaps thinking to myself that he is simply a Beloved FWB who visits when he can.
You`ve just laid down my rationale for dismissing all kinds of commitment ceremonies.

In the end, when all is said and done, what does all the symbolism, the ring, the PDA, the label, the legal bind, and the public approval of your sexual contact really mean?

What changes? What is this final destination, this idyll, that committed relationships supposedly progress toward? Where is this promised land of commitment? And how is it any different from a roommate who visits when he can?

But, I shan`t get in your way. I think it`s important that most people value symbolism. It`s just that I am a awfully practical pain-in-the-ass.
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