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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
24/7 power exchange isn't a game.

Would you call a traditional MF couple, like from olden days up to the mid 1960s, where the wife has promised to "obey" her husband and defer to his final decision, game players?
Yes, I would. And no, I would not.

Playing a game implies both conscious choice of the game being played and access to an alternative to that game. Checkers... or chess ... or baseball... or ... or...? In playing a game one knows one is playing.

Feminism exposed the above as a game. Anyone playing this game post-1960s in America knows it is a game -- unless they are way out in the boonies and never have access to media like magazines, tv, radio....

One can continue to play the game and pretend it is very serious, as one does when one watches a horror movie and gets all scared and pees one's pants. One can pretend that one is powerless because one is a woman -- or a man, or....

I think people can forget that they are playing a game. And sometimes that's actually desired. We generally want to get lost in our games like we want to get lost in our movies. (Who wants to be reminded that these are actors and this story is pure fiction while watching the film?) But there are degrees and kinds of forgetting. Things get weird, at best, when we forget that it is a game, altogether. Then it is no longer a game, really. And that can get really weird.
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