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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
Yes, swingers may become attached in some measure and that may lead to full-blown romantic ties and polyamory. Some folks may swing AND have multiple loving relationships.
*head spinning*

Okay... That would officially be way too much for most people to stay SANE with!

My thoughts on swinging are these;

Anything that goes on between consenting adults is their business and I don't judge.

However, I have never seen any of my non-monogomous friends come out of the 'swinger' lifestyle better for the wear. Granted, they did LEAVE that way of life, which could mean that there was something disfunctional about them not the lifestyle.

But to me swinging would be utterly unthinkable because I highly, highly prize my sexual energy. Being very pagan in my internal faith, I believe that my female sexual light is the exssence of the Goddess herself. And I'm not going to give the to just any ol' body. 0_0
- All my Love.
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