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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
If you don't want a child for yourself and want to take precautionary measures to make sure you won't get one, it is the time to talk to them now.

If you would be ok with a child and won't make a step to prevent receiving it now (just take precautions from now on), then wait till it's sure that you are pregnant and tell them. There is the possibility that you aren't pregnant still, but you can't change what happened at this point in time.

None of you was up to this possibility and both (all three) of you should have a say in a matter that will affect everyone greatly for the rest of their life. That would be my take on the matter.

I would be ok with another child, in fact I do want more, I think that is why Im having so much trouble with this. If I knew 100% that I didnt want one, Id tell them and take steps to make sure it didnt go any further, but Ive already done this once, because I skipped a period when I started my birth control and even though I trusted my birth control to work, I had a dream that I was pregnant and it freaked me out a bit so I took precautions to make sure if I was pregnant (never got a positive test) that it would go no further. I dont want it to look like Im trying to get attention, but at the same time I dont want to hold anything back from them.

I think Ill split the difference, Ill tell my husband everything, and wait to tell F until after I know or not. Unless my husband thinks I should tell him. I mean, I wont do anything to prevent it this time. Im not going through that sickness at the same time Im withdrawing from one of my bi-polar meds.

I guess staring at my husband across the table isnt going to do much. I thank you all for your advice, look to my blog for how it turns out.
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