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Thank you for clarifying.

If you are just starting to get over a loss (your crush did not return the same feelings) then it seems natural to be at the "Why? Why me? Why this?" place. That doesn't mean all of life or relationships are doom. It could mean you are still sad about THIS recent thing.

Like you said -- you could wait to arrive at acceptance.

I don't want a new puppy, I'm still totally miserable over the last one. Conversely, everything in my life is going great right now with the exception of that one disappointment.
To me? That statement seems to recognize you are sad right now, but can also pull back and get some perspective. Maybe you just want your spouse to back off rushing you into dating anew so he can feel less guilty about having his gf? Give you space to be sad and get past it in your own time?

Hang in there.


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