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Wow! Looks like there are lots of hard-working people here! I feel inspired really. I would love to take exotic dancing if I ever have the chance! Or belly dancing. I used to do hula before my youngest was born. Diets never worked for me. I actually do not eat that much because, although I enjoy food, I have a really hard time digesting for some reason. When I go out, I automatically set half aside, because I know if I eat more than that, I'll be in serious pain later. Started eating ginger after my meals, and eating less fried stuff and dairy...seems to help. The hubby threw out the scale, so have no idea how much I weigh. Last I checked it was 165 lbs. And I'm 5'4", but that was before I got pregnant this last time lol.

Started walking the dog every day (since oldest went off to college) and playing Dance Central (kinect) with my 10 year old...After only a couple weeks, I can feel the difference. I have more energy and my abs and legs are looking firmer...the hubby is loving it.
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