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I have two friends that have been living abroad for a long time and they are coming here in a few days to spend the summer in their/our home country. I'm so happy about that! That's actually one of my biggest reasons to stay here until the end of summer now that I know JJ isn't coming with me in September. So, one of these friends doesn't have a place to stay yet so she's going to live with us until she finds an apartment for the summer. We (me and JJ) are moving in a couple of weeks ourselves so this arrangement is going to be very temporary. But I like this plan. Remember all the talk about hippie commune and living with friends? I get to do that for a tiny while now, great! And also, since this friend of mine doesn't know yet where she wants to move next (but she knows it's not going to be our home town, she's here only for the summer), she is now considering Dream City as well! I would be so excited and happy if she came along with me in September/end of August and maybe we could even be roommates in Dream City. That would be amazing. I try not to get my hopes up, but inside I'm really hoping this is going to happen. But anyway, whatever happens in September, I'm going to enjoy her company a lot now that she's here.
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