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Okay, I've spent almost my whole day today talking to people, mainly about relationships. First me and rory spoke about 7 hours on skype and then I chatted with Bob for a while. I made some pretty big realisations when talking to rory about my relationships and the future. We talked about our expectations for the time when we both live in the same city. Obviously our thoughts and situations can change a lot before that happens but I'm glad we got somewhere with that.

And then Bob. I feel much better now, not nearly as restless as before. He said he considers an open relationship to be open for feelings, too. And that he's never been in a poly relationship but who knows about the future. He seems very open to everything that might happen in life. There are no strict rules in his relationship, I was glad to hear that. All this made me feel.. peaceful. I still don't know if anything more will actually happen between us or how he feels about me, but somehow I feel glad that whatever form this takes, it's only restricted by us and what we want.
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