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Wink new relationship rules

The only discussed rules we have established involve sex amongst the three of us and mostly because we have a small child in the house. Neither myself or my husband (Mr A) are looking for outside relationships so there are no outside people involved. Only Auntie would possibly have an outside relationship and I don't think she is looking for that right now, so it truthfully hasn't been discussed. Because of our daughter we have set the rules of no threesomes in the house when she is home. Due to the newness of the sexual aspect, Mr A can only participate with both of his wives unless I approve just he and Auntie. I think he still has some concerns about jealously on my part so "permission" clears his conscience. We truthfully haven't approached the subject of just us girls yet as I think he isn't quite ready for that yet.

As for living arrangements, Auntie currently has her own bedroom and I and Mr A have our bedroom. However, Auntie will be constructing a man cave/apartment on our property so we all have our own spaces. Half of the building will be Mr A's mancave/garage and the back will have Auntie's apt.

There is really no division of household/farm chores. Mr A usually cooks which he has done for years. Other cleaning type chores are shared among the three adults and my daughter's growing responsibilities. We all take active parts in raising C. She looks at us all equally for school help, discipline, etc. In fact Auntie is a godsend when frustruation sets in for mom and dad. Since I have a farm and handle most of the livestock chores, I now have some help with Auntie. We jokingly say that Mr A is the kitchen bitch and we are the barn bitches.

Nothing has really changed with our relationship over the last two years except for the addition of a third sexual partner recently, which of course can be sticky if all parties don't have similar views or aren't getting their needs met. Since I am older and in the beginnings of perimenopause, a sister wife just helps keep Mr A happy while my sex drive is beginning to diminish. Lol

I am very happy in our situation as I think we all are. I love both partners very deeply and couldn't imagine life without either. I think Auntie has also added stability to C's life as another strong mother figure. I hope our family continues to flurish for a long time.
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