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Default consumated poly relationship

I just found this site and realize now exactly what type of relationship our extended family has. For the last couple of years, my husband and I have had a very close bisexual female friend to has become part of our family. Our daughter refers to her as 'aunt' and she has stayed at our house most weekends for the past two years. Recently the three of us have opened our relationships with each other based on some established ground rules. She is now moving in with us. This extended family relationship makes life easier on all of us and as the saying goes- it takes a village to raise a child. My daughter particularly benefits from the situation. It is clear that I am the hinge in the relationship but my husband and "sister wife" as we humorously refer to her are close also. I am glad to find out that a relationship such as ours is not completely abnormal. Of course most of our friends have no clue as to the depth of our relationship but we openly refer to the two girls as my husbands' sister wives which we truly have become.

At first my husband was reluctant to openly move the relationship to the next level, I think because he was concerned about jealousy on my part. But now I think he realizes the close ties his "wives" have and is beginning to embrace the relationship. I am sure we will encounter some bumps along the road once we are all three permanently a family but I hope they are not insurmountable.

Any suggestions for continued success would be appreciated.
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