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Default Site for sore eyes.

"So why do you worry about how you look? What is it you fear will happen if people see you as you are?"

No, that is exactly why I wanted to add that to my intro. I dont want to fear the things that I think about... be they positive or negative. People tend to hide what they truly think sometimes because they worry they may not be accepted. I have at least. If my thinking is negative I hope that someone will balance my viewpoint with rationale or or wisdom, I sometimes dont mind a slap on the face. As it is now i have a self image I am interested in keeping. I like to keep certain things private.

Seeing me as I am??? Who or how or what is it, exactly, that I am? I would really like to know what that question means...

Nudism is probably one of the few things I am closed minded about. But I am far from being a closed minded person. I just put importance on aestheticism and looking as good as you possibly can. when I see sags and wrinkles its like watching a bad performance.. (I hope that is not awful. I swear i am sweeter than that) I have dated many people who were not attractive and fat and all colors so its nothing personal. I am attracted to minds really and good hearts...I have also modelled nude (5 years) so its nothing about the body that displeases me per se.

Much more to ramble about here but i have to take a test tommorow..
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