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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I've got a cis-gendered female body, I am genderqueer in my head and in how I like to fuck and do kink. I have a transgender gf and 2 cis-gendered male partners. We are all free to look at, lust after, flirt with, and fuck anyone of any gender (and I think there are 33 genders).
I say this with all due respect, but... 33 genders? lol

This is why the polyamorous community will never gain traction in mainstream society.

While it may make for an interesting philosophical conversation, there are only two genders. Also, you are a Homo sapien. Not a unicorn, not a spiritual entity, not a mystical creature.

And, I don't mean to offend you, but as collateral damage probably will anyway, you would have no love for anyone if it were not for quantifiable, observable chemical reactions in your brain.

I find your answer peculiar, or interesting. But at the end of the day, it makes sense only to keep things simple--not to over-complicate them. There are exactly two genders required to make a baby. Sex will, forever, relative to the existence of our species, be solely for the purpose of making a baby.

As you can imagine, with 33 genders, erm, the poll would be very overwhelming. This is why, to be honest, I had set up only 4 options.
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