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Originally Posted by MichelleZed View Post
Is this a hypothetical question, or do you have a specific married object of desire who is causing you some confusion?
Well, I must admit it's not as hypothetical as I would like. Although to be honest, the question was actually hypothetical as I wanted to just get other poly opinions on this particular brand of sticky situation.

For the record, I am currently in a closed marriage and have just begun to realize I might be poly (thanks to the above situation). Normally, I would have just chalked it up to infatuation, but it really ran much deeper than that. I put it in the past tense because we have lost touch for a while now. We actually discussed the possibility of talking to our spouses about opening our marriages at one point, but dismissed it because we "knew" they wouldn't go for it. Of course you can't really know, hence the quotes. Long story long, I am getting closer to discussing poly with my husband and still think about this lost relationship quite a bit and just wanted some outside perspective on the situation.

Thanks for the responses and perspective!!
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