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Default 3:39 p.m., Friday the 29th

Rainee threw up a whole bunch of times this morning, like ten times (two vomits per time). SB is taking her to the vet right now. They will try some things, and give her a shot for nausea. They need to figure out if her stomach can stand the medicine she's been taking. SB has even raised that dreaded word, euthanasia. It would be a heavy blow for me if we had to go that route. Rainee is by far my favorite pet. Obviously it would suck for Rainee too, if she had a choice I think she would want to live. But what can we do, if she continues to vomit and waste away? We don't dare feed her any food today, and she doesn't even seem to want to eat, which for her is just, unheard-of. I don't suppose I could get lucky and this could just be some sort of a bug.

Dinner was late again yesterday, and we did not watch anything.
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