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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
However, she messed up. She feels she cheated on you. That's a big issue in any relationship. It's all out there in her blog thread, which many of us have read, going by number of views.

We've worked through all of that Magdlyn. I put something on the table to give her and Leo the space to continue with their level of intimacy. It was turned down but I wondered how others would feel about it. Instead a lot of this thread became about why I have boundaries. I've answered those questions already. I've opened up completely on several threads regarding how I work. I have also started threads which specifically deal with my awareness and pain knowing that Redpepper lives within these "confines" to have me in her life the way she does. This is old news, old questions and old answers that have not changed.
That is why I get tired and frustrated when this repetitive line of questioning bleeds into any post I make that regarding boundaries.

I'm not holding anyone hostage. I put on the table that I am and in what ways I can participate in my relationship based on all the factors. I try to find ways to work compromise on some of those factors. Choosing to share in my life in a particular way is the choice of those assessing what I offer. I am either acceptable or not.

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