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Default Thank you-New Friends

You, my friend are poly in my eyes. Loving radiance is fitting for you. I'm not saying it will be enough to keep you all together but if destiny declares you will be happier apart than so be it. Just be happy.
In the midst of my effort to put all of my thoughts together for Maca, I recieved a PM on here. From someone I have come to consider not only an enjoyable person to debate and contemplate with on the board, but also as a friend and "ally" in the world. Someone who though we see much of the world quite differently-we have the same basic underlying goals and intentions in our lives.

There was more to what was in the PM, but though they said I COULD identify them, I chose not to and have limited what I copied to the MOST pertinent part that has no detail that would identify them.

This PM was almost "tear-jerking" in a good way for me.

Because it expresses that what I try to express of who I am, what I am and where I am-was understood.

But also because it tells me-even though like everyone else I make mistakes, I break the hearts of those I love, I'm on the right track. If I'm on the right track-eventually I'll get where I intend to go.

And finally because it acknowledges what I try to live by-which is that love won't necessarily make a relationship work IN THE WAY OR IN THE DYNAMIC YOU WANT IT TO-
but that if you stand by that love, you CAN find happiness.

What isn't said -but is also true, is that if you continue to LIVE in love-the relationship will remain, although it will inevitably change and may in fact change from the dynamic you start to a COMPLETELY different and seemingly unrelated type of dynamic.

So to my new and quickly becoming beloved friend and your quickly becoming beloved to me family as well-

Thank you for SEEING or "sensing" the me that I've worked so hard to become, for supporting me through this new life change and for exposing yourself to the risk of making a new friend! You've graced me with a gift as precious as life.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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