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Unhappy New and Scared

Hello all,
New to this whole thing and frieghtened to no end. My wife of 4 years has recently told me that she is in love with my bestfriend who lives upstairs from us and he is in love with her. I am a mono person so this is very hard for me. She would like to start to have a relationship with him and keep our marrage at the same time. I am having all the normal feelings of fear, being jealous, anger, aloneness, and if I am enough for her. I will admit I have not made things easy for any of us. I have had issues with controlling my emotions of late whcich have put stain on our marrage. I do not want this but she keeps telling me this would be the best for all of us. I have not spoken to my best friend in a week because I feel that if he was my friend he would have stepped away. Maybe my emotions getting the best of me again. I am scared that my marrage is falling apart. I love my wife with all of my heart and to think of her with another man breaks it even more. I am looking for advice and counseling. I do not want to lose my wife but nor do I want to share her with some one else. Please help!!!!!!!!
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