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I agree that you it may be in your best interest to be proactive as far as making a choice, instead of just asking and talking and hoping for the answer you want. The magnanimous thing to do might be to step back and encourage G and J to grow their relationship and not add pressure on J to fulfill any role for you. Just be her friend, and his lover/partner. But I would say also that you need to come to terms with whether you can handle G and J being involved sexually/romantically while you and J remain friends only.

AND you know -- you can look for another partner for yourself, that G wouldn't also be with, too!
I feel that we have just been friends for months now, their relationship has grown and set off down a very good road but apart of me wants that for us but I can't have it and I have to comes to terms with that.

I have my lovely a, we are growing very close and G shows no interest in getting to know him.

Hmm, is that really such a bad thing, though? How blessed you are that you are loved! Perhaps your mistake is trying to fit that love into a certain kind of box that it shouldn't be in.
oh no its lovely to be loved, but what is that love, as a friend? a gf? a lover? If I knew what box to put the love in then great but I don't and I feel I have been told its love as a gf but now I am not so sure.
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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