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Wow this feels good!

I just got back from camping with Redpepper and her family as well as another Poly couple and their children. It was great to call my parents and be completely honest about what I did on this wonderful long weekend. I like knowing that they can hear the happiness in my voice. I think simply hearing me this way relieves some of thier concerns. They are very non-judgemental and want me to be happy so, although I won't even pretend they understand my relationship, they do accept it.

As a sidenote..the weekend was great and completely natural! I made new friends and had a nice talk with Redpepper about our individual ideas of what the future holds and what we both want. All three of us have a very positive and exciting expectation for the future. One that involves us always together, sharing and communicating.

Her husband and me are becoming closer and closer which is solidifying my sense of being a positive in thier lives. I am extremely fortunate

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