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Default It sounded more like revenge to me

as to why she had been given the green light, but then chose to go ahead and meet secretly. None of US will can ever really know why unless she tells US, and even then if a person isn't "in shape" with honesty (practicing being honest with themselves and those close to them) it is very easy to be conditioned to lie to ourselves and actually believe it. Only she can know the complex recipe of why, "the recipe" being the different aspects why she chose to not disclose, and even then she will only be able to identify the true reason why if she truly knows herself, which isn't as easy as it seems.

She sounds fairly honest with herself to me, hopefully she will come clean with her SO, because when you have even minor secrets such as that one, it eventually becomes all but impossible to treat your partners fairly, as the guilt will eventually manifest by treating your partner harshly, justified by some lame and completely unrelated reason. Like my example of blaming other drivers for me being late to work when the reality is I didn't get up on time. If this secret remains undisclosed, someday you tear him a new asshole because you did him wrong by not being completely honest. But give yourself a break, as he cheated on you. So go easy on yourself today, but if you want a happy healthy relationship that doesn't include being emotionally distant, you need to tell him

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