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Default Why no updates?

Redpepper mentioned that I haven't updated this thread in a while. I thought about it and it is honestly only because of one reason; things are really good and what's more important is that this goodness is really consistent!
If anyone asked me what it takes to make me feel grounded in a my mon/poly relationship it is the balance of pleasure and pain. Well, that balance is currently heavily tilted towards pleasure
Things are very settled with our families, with our co-habitation, and with our connection. One of the biggest signs of success for me is that I no longer think about the nature of our relationship all the time..but I do still think about our relationship and still revisit how it works and where it is headed.

How many good family suppers can I share? How many times can I say I love living with my chosen family? How many times can I say I love Redpepper with more depth and confidence than ever?

Things are very good...we have lots of success and happiness...and very little of that came easy. It's hard work that got us here and lots more that will keep us here

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