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My name is Minxxa. I'm in my forties, married to my husband Raven. I've been non-monogamous in general for 15 years or so, though I've gone back and forth between just being "open" to being more "poly". My husband and I have been together for 10 years, married for 4. We've done a lot of work defining what we are to each other and are still working on management of other relationships, but communication is good and it's a process.

My husband currently has a longer term girlfriend who he sees once or twice a year (as time permits for them both), other relationships tend to be shorter term and infrequent as he's been gone for long periods of time over the past few years (he's in the military).

I haven't dated anyone else in quite a long time. For a few years I had declining health due to endocrine disorder issues, which made me exhausted and stressed-- not really conducive to dating! I've spent the last three years getting healthier (which I am and is still in progress), and going back to school for my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. So again, my time is pretty filled up and dating (or time to go places to meet people) is limited. Someday!

Anyway, I thought I'd better post some type of intro if I'm going to post on here occasionally. I like to read through threads to get other perspectives and ideas from other people.
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