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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I never said there was anything wrong with starting a new thread on this topic - sure, sounds good to get various points of view on how relationships affect each other. However, it also sounded like the OP has been seeing so many argumentative threads here lately that he appeared to be saying that is all we have here or that this thread would be some sort of remedy for that, so I wondered if perhaps he hadn't found some of the wonderfully compassionate, funny, uplifting, and joyful threads (where there are no arguments) that already exist here.

We have a Golden Nuggets forum for a reason, and there's "nothing wrong" with directing people to it.

Yes I have read a large portion of the threads in the "golden nuggets" Master thread section. Some of those threads are much older, and are no longer actively being talked about. And yes i have also noticed that a lot of the post I am interested in reading turn into arguments that derail to OP's topic. I'm not looking to remedy that. But I do feel I am within the rules to request someone stay on topic, and not derail my thread with arguments. I did the proper thing and answered some of the questions brought up, and made it clear that I was giving the benefit of the doubt in doing so.

I have done several searches on topics I was interested. These search in no way bring positive older threads back to the top of discussion. Sure I could make a post and "bump" an old thread up hoping people will find it still valid, and continue the discussion. However I have been a lurker here for more than a year, so I have not attempted "bumping" any threads thus far. But Yes I have done a lot of reading (mostly in the blogs, and master thread.) and found plenty of joyful and uplifting threads.
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