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Overall I'm not doing too bad I guess. Things have been chugging along pretty nicely. I'm mildly surprised at how little the break up with LoveLeigh has hurt. Not that I didn't care about her, just in that we tried it, it failed, move on as friends.

I need to rein myself in today. We're going to a friend's house for a communal Dag build day. I'm having trouble finding a few things in my workshop. I swear BrigidsDaughter and Wendigo extrude an entropic field around them that makes things much messier then they should be. Maybe it's just conflicting work styles that's driving me up the wall. I'm neat and organized, they are..not. It's the one remaining bit of tension between the three of us. They go down there, work, and tear the place up and I always end up having to clean the disaster up before I can do any work. I've tried talking to them, it does no good. No relationship is perfect though, right?

On another note, this full time job I've got? Kicks ass. It's so nice to be able to work full time and get paid decently well for it. Plus the work is pretty easy and I can listen to an mp3 player as I work.
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