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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Do a tag search on unicorns. Think about what an established couple has to offer a single woman in terms of future security. Will she be a secondary with her own place and finances, and you'll just see her once a week or less? Or will she be a sister wife, a full partner, a primary? What about the rights she won't get not being able to marry either of you? What about future children with either woman?
Omg now this is what I am talking about! It's like you are reading my thoughts! my wife and I definately want a full partner! We want to treat her as though christy and I are a single person looking for love! We are in it for the romance and that includes children if she wants them down the road. Not really into the idea of kids at the moment I feel I am to young for that. I would much rather take that money and spend it on seeing the world and such while we are young and able!
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