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Originally Posted by Hetaera View Post
"I don't think you understand, I have these animals...blah blah blah" so basically I'm not as important as a bunch of fucking farm animals. I must be the dumbest smart person out there.
I hope you feel better soon.

I don't think it's about not being as important as. One of the most important relationships in my life right now is with an animal. Sometimes that relationship means that I go home when I'd otherwise be with my SO. Or that he must come to where I am. Or that I out and out can't see him because I'm doing something else. C (my dog) and I have nights out twice a week at the moment and regular weekends away just for us.

I don't have the complications of kids and another partner to consider but for sure, my SO doesn't always get to come first in my life. Luckily he loves C too and doesn't get jealous about the amount of time C and I spend together. Jealousy over time with dogs isn't at all uncommon and many of my friends either deal with feeling jealous because their partners spend so much time and emotion on the dogs in the household or deal with their partner's jealousy over the dog.

It's just about balance I think and trying to keep it reasonable. Sounds like your ex must have very little time in his life for an outside relationship and you'd prefer somebody that had more time? I hope that you feel loads better soon and are able to find somebody who shares your goals for a relationship.