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Update: DK visited this weekend. We respected the "no pants off fun" rule, and did talk about this stuff. Lo and behold, it didn't ruin our date. It was really, really good to see him - it's hard going through this stuff when I can't get the occasional hug for reassurance.

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It's not entirely fair for him to try and convince her, either, if she's not on board.
I've talked to him about this, namely that DK not hide is motives in moving TJ towards "more okay with feef than right now". DK wanting to make things "work" has already somewhat hurt things, I think, by deferring the poly conversation and allowing some ambiguity to our relationship. She has yet to walk away based on the poly thing, I think based on the thought of "well, he'll choose me, because we live closer and we see each other more often."

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Do you mean bring it up with her? Have you brought it up with him?
Yes, he knows I'd like to be able to talk to her. After thinking and reading, this is a non-negotiable moving forward for me, but I don't think she's going to be okay with that. So far, DADT is what she wants, and I think DK would be unhappy long term compartmentalizing his life like that.
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