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Originally Posted by jm24 View Post
I am tired of societal restrictions of marriage. .
When and if you talk to her, do not focus on the negatives of society that you perceive are holding you back. Because in this case it is holding you back, not her so don't generalize. If you attack something she possibly holds dear she will put up a reflexive defense. This can come across as you looking for a way to just achieve one thing in particular, which in this case it is...your female friend. Focus on the positives of what you both can have if you decide to define your own relationship across the board. If you expand on the possibilities it will potentially take away from the message that you desperately want one thing and are trying to wrap up the request with a "new awareness of societal controls". What will that request look like? That you want to sleep with your friend. If that is what this is all about, drop the whole "societal restrictions line" and be honest. If it is about exploring a different approach to relationships be prepared for the two way street of poly. Here it is so brace yourself...more pussy for you, more cock for her and remember, women can find it easy.

Why would I put it so blunt and possibly shock some people? Because you want to ask your partner to let you sleep with other women...imagine the shock that will create.

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