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Originally Posted by BoyF View Post
I would come home for a break from college and every single thing they mentioned was either ridicule about something i hadnt done (finding a job, or keeping in contact enough)
Did you basically ignore them while you were away? Speaking as a mom, this is very important, and can be very hurtful to not hear from your kid. Even just a 5 minute phone call at least once a week can help.

but mainly about how i was "taking myself too seriously"
Do you?

I realize that these criticisms can be hard to live with, but do they have some truth? I don't even want to remember how seriously I took myself when I was in my early 20's , I don't know how anyone could stand to live with me.

they think i probably brainwashed her or something similar.

Yeah, they make us take "Brainwashing 101" in school. Apparently it works great!

Dealing with blood family can be extremely painful. They tend to criticize freely and offer praise sparingly and get very offended when our morals, politics or religious views differ from their own. It's up to us to learn how to just say "STOP! You have gone too far", then walk away.
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