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Smile Thank you

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I liked how you said, “what have I sent him into???”. Very funny and I totally understand. It’s going to be interesting to see how I react to Rider’s first real interaction with a real, live woman. I’m excited for him but I also expect to have to process some things. Rider processed my “date” yesterday really well and I am so overcome by his ability to do so. It inspires me. He was a model of understanding and I want to emulate his behavior when the time comes for me to do so. I’m with ya, is an adventure!

nycindie, Thank you!

Let me say that you were in fact the inspiration for the formulation of that verbiage. You gave Rider some excellent advice on his “poly breaking up a strong marriage” thread (in the General section). You bluntly said that he was thinking mono about some things and that he (and I) had some thing “bass ackwards”. I have to admit, at first I was a little defensive when I saw your comment, BUT he took it just the way you meant it and when he talked it through with me, a light went on. It was so great!!! This is all about autonomy for me and your wisdom has been instrumental in reforming my/our thought processes. I chose my words very carefully, “freedom” not “allowed to”, and as per Redpepper’s advice I left the other stuff open without focusing on a physical relationship. I’m pleased that you approve of my verbiage.

Haha, I sure hope you’re right about 2 friends having something on their minds. He’s killing me; he’s playing it really cool right now. I have NO clue where he stands. I wish I could read minds.
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