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Went out to a house party last night with S, was fun. Almost 100% people I didn't know. Enjoyed socialising. Was a place with a decent backyard and I spent a bit of time by myself gazing at the stars.

A childhood friend of Sago's is in town, so S went out with him today while I kept to myself. A few domestic tasks, working away at some things I'm making, read AnnabelMoore's amazing fanfic and Skyped briefly with Carob. He's in the zone with his own projects at the moment, so didn't have time to chat for very long. Turned down videosexing! Woah. So no relief there, ah well. Luckily I can tend to my own needs. When C is really into what he's working on, he gets a bit single-minded. Sago is like that too. At the poly thing we went to, I joked to someone that S's primary relationship is with his research interests!

I guess I'm not too different. Keep myself busy on things I value. Of course I value relationships but when I'm on the scent of something good, I like not being distracted from my task.

(This includes during sex, hehe. Apparently I'm savage! So says Carob, Ella... and a few ex-lovers concurred. Sago didn't get what they meant, but then again neither did I really so that makes two of us. Something to do with knowing what I want and being upfront about it (says an ex). Interesting. In response, I was going to say "it's not like I'm going to eat you" but that's not entirely true...)

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