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Ok, just booked tickets to see Carob (and Ella, briefly) end July, before I go to the States. Ella's heading away for a month round then so will catch her for a couple of days only. Hopefully will get out of town with Carob for a bit of it. In a couple of weeks will be three years since C & I got together. Will be nice to celebrate with a trip out of the city somewhere.

Last year for our anniversary we stayed in this hut and watched the LoTR trilogy by the fireplace. (Carob is really awesome with making fire, mm, one of his passions it seems) At that time we dreamt of coming back again and maybe watching some other epic marathon, like Harry Potter. I haven't seen any of the movies and only read one book so will be cool if we manage it.

Anyway, happy there's a date to look forward to. Mm, countdowns
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