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Default if you are really having trouble comprehending

the jist of it could be said as this:

Essentially the author is telling the reader, that all the bullshit that happens online

*someone tells you why what works for your relationships is not OK and your dynamic of poly is wrong

* specifically the system commonly referred to as hierarchal or hieracrhy wherein for the sake of simplicity, explaining the model of your dynamic to people online your partners may be referred to as primaries, and ones not as involved in the daily responsibilities and obligations in life may be called secondaries

She is essentially saying that nobody has the right to tell you how to practice non-monogamy. If you found a way that works for you works for you, go ahead and distance yourself from any online or real life community that tries to impose their standards on you and your relationships.

Essential saying that many (several? specifically makes mention of three) "popular" poly themed authors seem to not understand why relationships they are not involved in is not there place to decide what is their choice to consent to.

I certainly agree with the author on all points, although my thoughts were much more harsh and would have included many many more expletives

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