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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Women and men both need to assume responsibility for stetting the stage for problems in some cases.
Please don't flame me for this analogy.

I'm having a barbecue. I invite over 25 friends, we head out to the apartment pool, have a few drinks. I leave the door unlocked so my guests can get inside to pee and whatnot. Occasionally, one of them will leave the door ajar.

This is not an invitation to come in and steal my computer. In fact, under American law, it's still breaking and entering, whether you pushed the door open or broke the window. You're still a thief, either way. I invited my friends into my house, left it unlocked for them--this in no way constitutes "permission" to steal my stuff.

Now, on the other hand, if I want to absolutely avoid having my computer stolen (let's pretend I have a semester's worth of notes on it, and no backup or something), I should probably lock my door and ask my friends to keep it locked.

This does NOT change the fact that anyone who steals my computer is a dirty rotten thief who's entirely to blame for my lack of computer, and, indirectly, for my failed classes!

Now, this begs questions about the commodification of sex, sex workers' rights, etc., but I'll stop now.
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