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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I knew that I would find something more in you and didn't feel I had anything to offer you because of my past. I didn't want to get into a relationship with someone and hurt them because of my history. Simple and plain. And wanted to fuck me
Yeah I did when I saw you.... not when we were chatting though. You sent that grumpy looking picture of yourself too! LOL, I was totally sure that you were a lost cause until you messaged me while you were drunk and were totally honest about thinking we would actually mean something to one another. That totally won me over and I thought you actually had depth. I didn't see that before... then you messaged after and apologized! I thought that was very sweet and couldn't believe that you would apologize for something so honest and real! I got no apology from the guys who wrote and said I looked hot and gave me their cock sizes (sooooo much depth in that!)

I don't have any problem with you asking for what you want, but with the attitude that you will still be his friend even if it isn't meant to be.... then of course you would have to live up to that! Otherwise, leave them alone and wait.
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