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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
Curious as to the long history you've had with this guy but never really hooking up......either it's not right for you two, or ????? Is there a chance his new gf is poly? Maybe you can still approach him? Why are you suddenly sad after all these years? haven't you each dated others during that time? I'm confused.......
I don't know what's confusing you.....

We first started admitting to each other we were attracted about two years ago and that was when we first started being only happened once though. I'm not really sure why things never progressed - I think because I wanted to take my time and didn't want to risk our friendship by taking things too far. We each ended up getting into different relationships in the meantime, we never seem to be single at the same time.

It has just been in the last few weeks that I have really opened up to being poly and now that I have this possibility open to me, I am not sure if it is open to him.

I thought about it more last night after I posted and I am actually really glad for him, not sad. This girl he is with is perfect for him. They love to go to metal concerts together and have been to several in the last month. This is something I would never want to do.....

I think I'll let this one go....I don't want to interfere in their happiness.

All this aside, what I really wanted to know was how does one go about seeking other partners? It seems like most people are really hesitant to get involved with someone who is "taken". I live in a very small community and I have encountered only two other people who are poly - one of whom my bf is dating and the other recently got married into a mono relationship - I guess she gave up being poly for some reason.

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