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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
Coming back to the book's penis squeegee theory. If it is correct, wouldn’t this imply that the last male to deposit his offering becomes the most likely to father the future child (and pass his genes on to future generations)?
I would guess it's more of an "equaliser" thing? The first one has the benefit of going first (and some semen will get there) and might impregnate her first. The ones who come after try to scoop some out to compete more effectively. In the end, the first one gets more of his think scooped out because all the males after him contributed to that, but he was there first, and if she got pregnant after him (well, if there was enough time I guess) then the others won't have a chance.

It's possible that there is still a screening process anyway, that is, that the woman still refuses weak men. So the weaker men wouldn't be the ones who go last, they wouldn't get a turn at all. The others would be either #1 or #7 or anything in between depending on which woman they decided to go for and how many other guys made the same decision.

And in my opinion, they'd go for more than one woman. After their orgasm, they'd be surrounded by other people having sex, and I think that would get them horny again faster than if there was no sex occurring.
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