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As some folks here know, I shoot nude art photography. I've worked with women with nearly every sort of body shape. I can say that I've captured images that show every single one of them can look sexy hot.

That's the appearance side of things. In terms of the non-physical, I've found that how sexy and appealing these women are has absolutely no correlation to how they look. Some who look hot from most any angle simply aren't very enticing otherwise. Others can turn my insides all woogly (that's a technical term) while swathed in burlap.

The original blog post linked to dealt with appearance, however. As mentioned above, I've captured beauty from all sorts of bodies from size 0 up, with and without stretch marks, with and without scars, etc., etc., etc. I've found that how sexy each looks is only a matter of the process of viewing, residing primarily in the decision to look for that beauty.

I find women physically sexy who aren't of the shape I personally prefer. It'd take finding them sexy in non-physical fashions for me to want to date them, of course, though I fully understand that my personal preferences don't determine the whole of what is or isn't attractive.
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