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Just to be clear, my response to Somegeezer was not meant as an attack. It was just a rebuttal and expression of my frustration with something he wrote, which I've often heard by others before. I have no problem with someone saying they're only attracted to thin or fit people (I mean, everyone has preferences), it was the "not caring enough" that set me off. I was reacting to that way of thinking, but I was not offended and I don't have a problem with you, Somegeezer. Not at all. I enjoy reading your posts on this forum and often find your clarity and insight refreshing, though you are less than half my age. Just because I take issue with something you said, and felt the need to express that, doesn't mean I was attacking you and I certainly hope I didn't come off like I was attacking you, even though my words may have been somewhat strong. I did "hear ya" when you included underweight people in your first post, but I can only speak from the opposite side, since I don't think I've ever been underweight, LOL. Anyway, I apologize if my reaction started a shitstorm, I didn't mean it to.

As for the topic, I think it's pretty clear that everyone has their own ideas of what sexy is, and it isn't always thin. Recently, I've got to having lost almost 30 lbs, and a friend of mine set me up with a friend of his, saying, "You're losing weight, and looking real good. I think so-and-so will dig you." Okay, so at first I was feeling great because, hey, I have a crush on my friend and he noticed that I've been working hard on this and he said I look good -- yay, me! -- but then the guy he sets me up with is overweight. Not that I minded, I found him attractive and we really got along and had a good time, but it just makes me wonder about people's standards. Here is this guy, 6'5" and 280, and our mutual friend only wants to set me up with him when I get to a weight that he thinks is more appealing -- yet I'm sure his friend and I would've enjoyed each other's company 30 lbs ago. Now, maybe it has to do with the fact that I have been dressing sexier since having lost the weight, but people are funny, aren't they?
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