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My day.

Woke up mid-morning next to Davis, in his bed. We made love, hot and intimate. He had to hurry out, he was going up to visit his parents and was running late.

Got up, put on my clothes from the day before, met two friends at a cafe for brunch. We told each other stories. One of them is about to release a cd, so we went to a nearby warehouse run by a punk collective to check out the space for a possible party. There was a bike deconstruction event going on. Another friend of ours happened by. We all went up to the punks' garden aviary to see the chickens and ducks and fed them bits of apple. I got into a conversation with some gardeners, one of them was interested in something I do at my job and I gave him some advice.

I had to rush home, as Harry had come by to grab the things that he'd had to leave with me during the move. We talked and chilled, hugged warmly, spoke of seeing each other soon.

I changed and drove around the corner to meet another friend at a bar. He'd promised to buy me a drink if I gave him some grant writing tips and advice about his new non-profit. We had a fruitful talk both about his work and about our lives and our city.

I went home and relaxed, listened to music, read, ate soup, drank wine, and lovingly cleaned and oiled my boots. Then my roommate Eddie and I picked up our friend Bo and went to the goth club. Eddie was dressed in drag, which is a big deal for someone who's recently gone through a gender transition. He looked awesome. Gia and Eric were at the club, along with a bunch of other people we know.

I've *always* felt a little awkward at the club when my lovers are there, unsure of how to interact with everyone. This time wasn't so bad in that regard, and for the most part it was downright wonderful. I danced with Gia and she squealed about how beautiful I looked, we held each other and made out a little on the dance floor. She kissed me and left a big purple lipstick mark on my cheek -- a new shade she'd gotten just for me -- and when I popped outside for some fresh air she found me and told me she'd missed me when I came back.

Eric and I hugged but mostly kept our distance on the dance floor... one time, near the end of the night, when we were already close to each other, I reached out and grabbed him and buried my head in his chest and swayed with him for a minute. Mostly I danced by myself or with other friends or with strangers.

Home now, minimal plans for tomorrow, looking forward to resting.
Me, 30ish bi female, been doing solo poly for roughly 5 years. Gia, Clay, and Pike, my partners. Davis, ex/friend/"it's complicated." Eric, Gia's husband. Bee, Gia and Eric's toddler.
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