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Harry and I spent more time together last weekend than we have in a long time, though I wish it had been for a different reason.

For those who haven't been reading since the beginning, Harry is a friend and former lover who I cut things off with when Davis and I decided to start dating again. It was with the intention that we would reconnect once Davis and I were in a stable place where he felt secure enough to expand his comfort with non-monogamy beyond the woman I love and her husband. As it is, Davis and I haven't yet found that place, which I put entirely on my greater-than-expected struggle to commit.

Harry and I have stayed in touch and have hung out a few times in group settings but have stayed away from one-on-one hangouts... our friendship was VERY sexual, and it felt like a good idea to maintain some space. I missed him at first and felt like shit for brushing him off so suddenly, but we talked it over and stayed friends and it's been all good since.

Anyway! He was supposed to move back into his old house last Saturday but his spectacular bitch of an ex-wife showed up with the cops right in the middle of the move to get him to stop because even though he'd signed the deed on Friday the money wouldn't transfer to her until later in the week and the place was not technically his to live in again until then. She's wasn't still living there, she didn't tell him she had a problem with anything, this was solely her way of fucking him over as much as possible while she still could, as she's been doing ever since they split. Amazing.

Unfortunately, his new gf had an emergency and had to split and he hadn't tapped anyone else to help out with the move, so it had just been him moving his stuff carload by carload. So when he messaged me to fill me in on the crazy situation, half his stuff was in the house, half was in his old apartment, it was the early evening, he was all alone, and his lease on the apartment ended that night.

He and I had been talking earlier that week after I messaged him to wish him a happy birthday. It was the most interaction we'd had in a while, and it was very nice to reconnect. If it hadn't been for that, I don't know if he would have felt comfortable reaching out to me for help, and I'm so glad he did.

It was a LONG night but we managed to move all his stuff to his friend's garage and he found a hotel to book for the next few days. We talked a lot as we worked. It's beautiful to me that he's sad about his ex-wife being this way rather than angry. She has no reason at all to be bitter, and rather than rage at her for making his life so hard this past year when all he's wanted to do was walk away from a relationship that wasn't working, he's mainly just asked himself why she can't let go, why she would choose to lash out like this, and how he could have loved someone so fucked up for so long.

Anyway, it's all been resolved and he is now in the process of finishing the move. I'm by no means happy this happened to him, but it was kind of amazing to be able to jump in and rescue him -- nothing says "I care and I'm glad we're friends" like helping someone move all their possessions in the middle of the night.
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