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Originally Posted by bassman View Post
This was my first attempt at using receiving counselling. I am utterly disgusted that she couldnt be bothered to turn up ! In my wifes words "she shipwrecked us". The issue we have is a huge disagreement on religion. Theres been a teeny weeny bit of progress without counselling - at this point Ive resolved to let time do the work I thought the counsellor might do.
I see a big difference is not having a good fit/bad experience vs just refusal to even try. Glad to hear your wife agrees with you about the counselor. Next time, you both can be on the look out to see if the counselor is the right fit, before getting into the super personal. Differences in religious views can get sticky, especially when one partner's views change. I'm the one who's views are morphing, but we haven't had many conversations on that yet - too many messier issues to work through first.
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