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The more you talk about it, the more it sounds like you guys aren't esp compatible. I hope you feel somewhat better for airing out some here.

It sounds like...

You make plans to meet with a new potential friend. Not a date, a friend.

Then he retaliates by making dating site pages, and touching base with his two exGFs as if to check if he can get back with them "just in case." Not because he loves them, not because they got along great in the past, not because he balances having more than one romantic relationship at a time well. More like he needs some sort of "life preserver person" in his life and if it isn't gonna be you, he has to scramble to line one up pronto. Anyone will do. Is that the vibe you get?

Idk. I’m just tired of feelings. I think it would be for the best if I was just by myself for a long time. I seem to dislike most people and things.
If dealing with his all over the place emotions is all you've been dealing with lately? I could see being tired of it all.

You mentioned he used to string along his other GF. Is this his way of stringing YOU along and keeping you around? Having to do emotional labor here for/with him?

I think it's fine if you want to be on your own for a while. You could end it and take the time to heal.

If/when you decide to poly date again? Could be more picky about who you pick out. Could call this one a learning experience to help you better define what you will and will not put up with and what you are and are not looking for.


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