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A week into it and all is well.

Things I've noticed:
-I don't feel like I am encroaching on PN's territory. I feel pretty self contained and yet still close.
-I seem to spend less time with Redpepper's family on a day to day basis probably because I am trying not to encroach. I have to work on that, apparently I am more welcome than I thought!
-PN seems happier
-I am happier
-Redpepper seems happier
-my litle buddy is overjoyed
-Redpepper's family seems ok and likes that I painted the suite and am not sponging off off PN and her.
-My only source of current discomfort revolves around the storage of my bike. Fixing that.
-Sex has not been an issue
-walking to work is cool
-my parents are happy for me and a little in disbelief LOL!
- I've told friends at work that I live in Redpepper's suite and am waiting for them to push the question about what the full dynamic is...I'm pretty quiet about that.
-I love Redpepper on an ever deeper level as time goes on

So far the most important thing is that I feel like a positive to have around!

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