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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
With work every one can be for sure! It's never all butterflies, but there is so much good
Redpepper and me spoke about just how much work has gone into this relationship and achieving something that is growing and continues to amaze us. We are becoming normalized within our "V". When I say normalized I mean simply that it just feels like this is the way it is supposed to be. I'm not talking about the understanding of extended family, but the comfort amongst her, her husband and me. This also includes her son who has become bonded with me. I simply know she is there and we are all together with the welfare of each other put first. We feel like a constant...not static, but a constant that is evolving based on a rock solid core.

We fought an emotional war to get here. Twice we hit breaking points where we had to make decisions about staying together. Once it felt terminal, like there was no way to move forward. Our depth of love and the wisdom of her husband kept us fighting to find a way. It was a matter of knowing this was immensely worth it and not an effort to prove we could do it. It came from wanting to share lifetimes together. We fought with each other a little and within ourselves a lot. I certainly did.

This is so worth it. I have never struggled with something like this before and I'm sure Redpepper would say it was exhausting and almost too much at times. In our love and commitment to building a future we have made it I feel. Now it is our continuing growth and "normalizing" it for the rest of our friends and family that is our challenge. It is not inside us any more in a lot of ways. Now it is more a challenge of logistics and not love. Our love is secure.....I am proud of us.

I hope everyone gets exactly what they are looking for in this. Good luck and lots of love
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