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Originally Posted by Feria View Post
Many people have said the same thing about BPD. I dont know. Whatever it is I somehow provoke this. I get upset bc I dont understand it. I think its time I just let him go bc I love him too much to let this continue. All I want is for him to find peace and happiness. Thats not with me in the picture. I do know I cant live this way anymore. At times I feel his behaviour is emotionally abusive. Im not saying he is emotionally abusive or doing it purposely. Thats just what it feels like.
I wish him the best.

A quick run down:
1. BPDs are moody
2. They are quick to anger
3. How they feel is reality even if it is direct conflict with the facts. Consequently, they often misinterpret or believe things that are not real.
4. Everything and everyone is black and white to them. One day you are the most glorious person on the planet, the next day the most vile - hence the running hot and cold. These transitions are based on their emotions - their internal weather - and have no basis in reality.
5. Lastly, this personality disorder got the name because psychiatrists decided it fell somewhere between neurotic and psychotic. Some borderlines have hallucinations when under stress.

While it is noble of you to want to take responsibility for triggering his behavior, don't even go there. That said, the borderline will try to make you believe without a doubt that everything is your fault and s/he is totally blameless.
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