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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
Being mono means that the co-worker would want to have a relationship just with you and you with him. That doesn't sound like what he wants. He wants a relationship with you but not one that regularly or, ever, includes threesomes with you and your husband. To develop a real relationship, IMHO, alone times - and not just sex but being with and around each other - are required. Is that what you want? Make sure because it sounds like your husband, at least right now, would really prefer if you didn't develop a romantic relationship with the co-worker. It is something to talk a lot about with your husband before thing proceed further.
we've already had threesomes together. More often than is being alone and he's okay with them but we want and need alone time. My husband is okay with alone time but he has a lonely feeling when I go out without him. Not that he doesn't want me to at all just that he wants attention too so I gotta make sure I spend a lot of quality time with him as well.

Actually im going to be spending my first official date with the coworker tonight. :-)

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