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Don't you get jealous?

How do you deal with Jelousy?
With a lot of help from my partner. We're the only primaries in each other's lives so we remind each other often that we're each other's "favourite". There are a lot of I love you's and reminders of things that are unique between us. When nothing else works we cuddle and spend extra quality time with each other. Also it depends on what I am jealous about. It's not always about his relationship with someone else, sometimes it's that he's having better luck with his interest or that he has one and I don't. With situations like that the coping method can be very different.

Isn't one enough?
Is one child enough?

Where does everyone sleep?
Usually in the same bed or sometimes in separate beds, honestly it gets very sweaty when there's three or more trying to share a double bed.

What will you do when you have kids?
Be very surprised since that's not in the cards

Usually people just kind of go: well if it works for you then congrats, I don't think I could do it. And then leave it at that.
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