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Thanks so much for the replies. We are doing better after talking about it more. I told him that I needed to find out why I had such a strong reaction to him looking on the site. I wasn't bothered by the site itself. I just didn't understand the fact that he actually thinks he'll fiind a real person on there that's good enough to have sex with. He told me that he never really thought he'd find anyone. He's has been looking on these type of sites for years. Then I remembered that I also have a few "dating" sites that I am a member of, and just like him I only look around for fun.

As far as being physical with each other goes, he told me that he is still into me but he just needs some time to himself. I'm okay with that. I don't actually like sex that much I just thought he was turned off by me and thinking this hurt my feelings. I honesty think we are both just ready to have sexaul experiences with other people right now. It has been a long time for both of us. Since I know why he is holding back I am totally okay now.

I always laugh thinking about how I freak out over something. The best thing to do is talk about it. Always makes it better. Again, thank you for your replies.
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