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This is probably going to seem very elementary to most people but its something I've been having a lot of trouble with.

How do you date as a poly person? More specifically, how do you find poly people TO date?

I had thought when officially "came out" that I wouldn't have any real trouble finding other poly people. I mean, I'm in LA, if there is anywhere in the world I'd expect there to be an abundance of polyamorous people (or even just poly friendly people) it'd be LA.

I'm actually having a very hard time finding other polyamorous or non-monogamous people and especially people around my own age (25). There is a meetup group for the LA area and while they're all very wonderful people, most are a little on the older side.

I've tried to network out from there but I keep hitting a dead end. Is there some secret gathering place I don't know about? I've also been on OkCupid (which has been recommended to me by several other poly people as one of the best places online to find like-minded people) but very little luck there.

Why does it seem to be so difficult to find other poly people?
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